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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it works. mine turned blue. >> yeah! >> that's it.
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it's going to get a little breezy in the afternoon. jen, are you ready for traffic. >> reporter: i am. >> i am out of time, apparent apparently, i will go real fast. 71, i-75 looks good. we have construction to talk about, but right now we have no problems on our interstates, so we're off to a good saint patrick's day. guys over to you. a franklin stepmother is in jail suspected in the death of her 4-year-old stepson. police say that ana richie put her the child's legs in scalding water. by yesterday, austin cooper was not breathing and he died in the hospital. and how the child died is still under investigation. there's a new idea going on
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home less people in a job getting people back on their feet, but getting the city council make it happen is not so easy. it will take $50,000 to fund a pilot program to get the jobs in apart. >> a lot of our employers are not willing to take a risk on homeless individuals, they believe it's going to be too difficult to get them working. this is going to show them with strategic and support, we can streets. the program administrative costs are too high. the city manager office is looking at if the money can come from other places in the budget. a westchester mother is helping to save the lives of others right from her hospital bed. she was six months pregnant when she found out that she has something placenta a crida and sided to start organizing
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have a link to her blog at the sin zoo says all -- the cincinnati zoo says that all sound. this is after a chaos, that the two bears managed how to open a door that led them out of their enclosure and that led to a second containment area, and the public was never in any kind of danger. many teenagers are getting ready for prom. cinderella's closet will provide clothing for those in need tomorrow. and saturday. the give away will be at two locations and united methodist church, and century town church at liberty garden. starting today is saint patrick's day. and i hop is giving away a short stack of pancakes to anybody who
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burgers bagels are offering the famous green bagels, you can get them with cream cheese, and the luck of the irish is definitely in covington because thousands will celebrate saint patrick's day at molly malones and surrounding area. and perry shibley is at molly malone, and sa is inside with all of the people that are ready for it. >> reporter: a lot of employees getting things prepared, and there's already somebody in line, because kegs and eggs starts at 8:00 this morning. i talked to that guy outside and he says it's all about getting a table. if you get a table, you get a server and that is where the fun starts. it's going to be light of fun here at molly malone's, and they have everything set you, and march madness begins today and what is better than march madness and a little saint patrick's day. with me, paul shamly, talk about what it's going to be here in
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>> it's going to be, and we have, and the treated stages, so breakfast first, beer after that. >> reporter: i said this, and you start slinging breakfast right way, and you said, yeah, and beer. and beer, and a few shots as well, you know. >> reporter: let's talk about what is the most popular beer on a day like this. well. >> reporter: everybody wants day. >> i guess so. >> reporter: you know dave ables outside, he is the first guy in line. he says for him it's a family tradition. >> at 7:00 they check your id, you go in, if you haven't seated, the waitress will go back and forth and give you some breakfast. if you are standing, you got to take care of yourself. five beers in why would you want to stand, right? >> reporter: yeah, why would you want to stand, right? he is going to stay until about
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sleep but people look here at molly malone's all day long. and luck of the irish, top of the morning, why not grab a beer, guys. >> why would you want to stand. up. >> opening round of basketball today. oh, the bars are going to be -- >> oh, yeah. >> there's grate party in loveland, too at the knights of columbus, they have the big irish, day today. saint patrick's day named for ireland eos saint, you didn't know. and get more juice in your lives local jews
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>> why milil 6:09 this morning in cincinnati refine, three local juice places, off the vine is a little place on vine street where the juices and nut mill beings are served in cute glasses that can be returned and reused. rooted juice reand kitchen offers of juices, and glue ten
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salads, and the juicy has a juice place where you can get the juice shipped to you. see the must try flavors along with all that is new and happening in town at cincinnati john. we are down to 36 degrees, you may need the jacket as you step out on saint patrick's day, you will get to mid-50s at noon, low 60s, late day, mostly sunny, looking good. above-normal. this weekend, it get cold. we will get details on how low the temperatures might go, and when we will see a few snow flakes. >> reporter: so far the luck the irish on the road this morning. we haven't had any problems, we have an incident of the day on the interstates, but as a broken down vehicle, however it's blocking a lane as you approach the ronald reagan county highway. you canny traffic can see traffic starting to flow, and the right hand lane block, that is the only problem issue this morning, luckily volume of traffic is pretty light so it's not going to cost
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will keep an eye and let you know if it becomes a problem, john. joining public wi-fi, what you can do to protect yourself. the happiest countries where the u.s. ranks and why.
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cincinnanati 46 degrees and happening
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supreme court nominee will be in court to meet with some. and president obama is urging senate republicans to grant the 63-year-old a fair hearing, but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has already rejected that idea. for the question of the day, has to do with the nomination, should the u.s. senate hold confirmation hearings on president obama's no more fee for the supreme court some you can vote in our pole by egg go -- poll by going to the story at you know you can connect to wi-fi at a lot of places but the biggest issue is security, and the best way to be safe is to never use public wi-fi for anything that involves your personal information, banking and credit cards. right now new york city is replacing many of its pay phones with wi-fi hotspots. >> wow, superman can't get to his costume in the old phone booth.
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if sitting and standing benefit your health. they found no evident that people who people who sand up stand up than when they use a conventional desk. long periods of sitting can increase risks of obesity. it's mid size suv the explorer is more popular with that anal group -- age group than the compact escape. older millennials are moving to the suburbs and having children and that means larger suvs are a better option. still trending like a role without a roof. they reported that denmark is the happiest country in the world. reports found that inequality is strongly associated with unhappiness, a big reveal for countries like the u.s.
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came at number five. while the u.s. rank at number 13. from 20 2005, greece saw the loss of happiness since the economic crisis, and they're dealing with the refugee crisis, too. there's a lot going on to increase the stress level in greece. apparently in denmark, they're just -- they're just clams. >> you know a lot of those people in the greece want to get to denmark. i heard something like that on the bb. credit this bbc this morning. >> 13 is for america. we ought to be happier. >> being angry is what makes america great. [ laughter ] >> nothing. >> all right. >> getting that out there. >> what are you going to do about it? >> don't do it on the roads.
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>> the president. >> anger! [ laughter ] >> native americans. >> looking -- >> i believe i'm on to something here, people. >> i believe somebody else is on that already. >> reporter: nobody is on angry on the roads so far. we had a problem and it's reported as a broken down, i don't think it's an accident, it's blocking the right lane, 75 northbound near the ronald reagan cross county highway, here say camera at paddock, that camera is the northbound direction, you can see traffic starting to flow. earlier i can't pick the broken down up on the camera,let see if they turned it around, yeah, it's difficult to see. anyway, what is important to know is that 75 northbound, the right hand lane is blocked from about paddock up to the ronald reagan cross county highway, luckily the volume of traffic is light for this time of the morning, it's not causing a backup, maybe a as you head through the small stretch of
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luck of the irish is with us. the weather is going to be great with us, it's cool right now, consider the jacket when you step out. the 40s is widespread buildings but later today -- but later today, it's widespread. and you know, breezeses are going to kick up, so hold on to the hat there. can you give me a voice. >> why can't you just leave me alone. i want to sit back on my lucky charms, and hit the weather. why do they keep kicking me on the foot? >> he is stabbing my toe. >> mischievous will he prick will leprechaun. and here is the weather camera, and partly cloudy skies, down to 46 the at the airport. temperatures start in the 40s, we will make our way to the mid-50s, by noon hours, late day we're up around 62 degrees
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again you might see a wind gust over 20 miles per hour this afternoon. lebanon, a cool start there, george town at 46, and down to 44, and versailles, indiana, oxford he can whenning in at 44. some areas pretty cool, 46 here in cincinnati, quite a change from what we had yesterday, 18 degrees cooler from this time yesterday, and overnight we had clouds moving through, but those are moving out of the picture here. radar is all quiet. it will stay that way through the day. take it from the morning through the afternoon, plentiful sunshine, a few clouds develop later this afternoon to the east of cincinnati, hillsborough we will get up to 62 in aurora, and dry ridge at hamilton later this afternoon. tonight partly cloudy to mostly clear skies tomorrow morning. it's a little colder, we're going to be in the upper 30s and low 40s, you likely need the jacket, there's a light coat tomorrow afternoon, a few clouds roll into the picture, temperatures will be in the upper 50s tomorrow.
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norm for this time of year. tomorrow night a weak cold front is going to slide in the area bringing a chance for a shower or two by saturday morning. we're in the 30s, the chilly air comes behind that front saturday, even the chance for a few hit or miss showers there's an upper level low approaches from the west. showers in the forecast saturday, saturday not the prettiest of days, it's going to be quite chilly, too with highs in the mid-up to upper 40s saturday afternoon, and that is the trend here as we go through saturday, sunday, and monday. some canadian air comes down over the region. we are going to be 7-10 degrees below the average going into the weekend, and the early part of next week. 62 sunshine today. down to 39 tonight, you will notice we get a little cooler tomorrow. 58, but again it's still above the normal high of 54, showers 46 saturday, chance for a shower on sunday. sunday morning if a little moisture is in the area, cold enough with a low of 29, we
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early on sunday, otherwise we're talking isolated showers on sunday with high of around 45 degrees, still chilly on monday, lows close to 30 as you are headed back to school and work on monday morning and up to 47 on monday afternoon, we don't stay down for long. no, no up to 61 there tuesday, 66 degrees wednesday, with a chance for a shower or two later in the day wednesday, track those showers on saturday with our free weather authority app. interactive radar feature comes in handy, grab that for free in the app store and on google play. bob, sheila back to you. pet bereavement days why that is becoming a more popular idea among companies.
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college student overercomingng a few hours this dog will be reunited with its owner after being lost at sea for 5 weeks. the navy found lun a on an island, five miles off the coast when she disappeared its owners fishing boat. she is pretty healthy and not that dehydrated. next tuesday the tampa bay rays will pay, at cube a the mlb shipped more than equipment and
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both u.s. president barack obama and cuban president raul castro will be at that game. facebook happy saint patrick's day. our question is what is the luckiest thing that ever happened to you. getting great answers. >> some things are so sweet, in things are really not. some are very serious, we are getting a mix of responses and run the gam you the. >> i the go take patty's day son. 30 years ago today. >> happy birthday? that is good stuff. >> when i found $50 on the ground. i about pushed my brother out of the way. [ laughter ] >> so i could get it down there. since i didn't know who to give it back to, i ended up sharing with that same brother that she almost shoved to the floor. well done. madison, this is serious stuff. survival of heroin addiction, very blessed lucky, --
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an ongoing struggle for many, congratulations on that accomplishment. the day in 1974 when my then high school sweetheart said yes to my proposal. >> sweet! >> very, very sweet. >> and great mystery, mike says, i'm not supposed to -- >> mike you only made me more curious. >> i love my profile. >> it's good to go. >> jesse sells us about that man and all of a sudden it's going to get snatched away from him all the good fortune. >> and he would have to kill us. and we want you to -- >> we want you to join the conversation, just like the local 12 page 12 on facebook. we are talking about filling out the bracket, and teams. it's 3 back thursday, the luck of the irish not with bob.
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a throw back thursday moment. you got a chill on the way for the weekend, plus how cold it's going to get.
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move into i was going to stop. a horrifying bridge cash through the eyes of a an eyewitness. now what that woman saw during the moment when the car went off the bridge. a woman born with a neurological disorder, and her story coming up. grab a drink, don don't you
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patrick's day with the kids. >> that is good, i like that. >> no, no. you have other options, too. good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us on this day, saint patrick's day. let's take a look at the forecast it's going to look nice, john. the light jacket, as you step outside. most spots in the 40s, the airport at 46, batavia, and lufkin at 48, and 49 at willington, and harrison down to 45. nothing on radar. we have seen clouds move through this morning. a couple of sprinkles down and south of cincinnati. clouds move out, and the sun moves in, but the kids will need the jacket as they head off to the bus stop. mid-40s, mid-50s by the lunch hour and into the low 60s later today. mostly sunny skies, but light defendant, the wind will pick up in the afternoon, so getting breezy, not quite as strong as yesterday but a gust anywhere from 20 to 30 miles is possible
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coming up in weather, i'm going to detail chilly air moving into the tri-state. when it get here and when we can see the possibility of a little snow in the planning forecast. right nowlet get a check on traffic with jen dalton. a couple of problems reported out there this morning. before i get to our incident, folks are using the app or reporting that there's an accident on u.s. 50 eastbound, and multiple vehicles involved, you may see slow traffic in the area. now, 75 northbound, we have, first it was reported as a broken down vehicle, now it could be an accident, so whatever is going on there, there's the right lane blocked, 75 northbound as you pass paddock and get to the ronald reagan cross county highway. you can see slow traffic there, you're on about 5-7 minute-delay as you head on northbound on i-75 between paddock and the ronald reagan cross county highway. i will keep a close eye on that area. i have an accident reported right before 275, so it's not
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slow traffic corner at 275. our interstates are looking tip alelsewhere, guys. thank you, jen. >> the search for a submerged suv at the ohio river and its sunday. right now the water is too high and moving too fast. a car pile up on the bridge is what led to this accident. a woman just a few cars behind the accident the suv was in, saw. melissa urban says she and others only saw the car on the surface for a short time and then it went under the water and never came up again. >> it's just gone. that is why we are questioning, are you sure you have seen the car flyover. >> i'm sure -- at. >> at this point there's no information on whom might have been in that car when it went off the bridge. developing this morning, ohio will try again to execute a man after a botched attempt 7 years ago. the supreme court ruled that
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cruel and unusual punishment. he was convicted of murder for the stabbing of a 14-year-old girl in cleveland in 1984. he killed her, and authority tried for a few hours to try to vined a vein to administrator -- to find a vein to administrator the injection, but they couldn't. high voter turned out but the traffic on the bridge caused district judge to sign a court order to keep the polls open past 7:30. she says the time stamped at 7:21 and sent to secretary of state john houston. he says he didn't get a written order until 8:13, less than 100 people voted in hamilton between 7:30 and 8:30, some were turned away and very disappointed. we have joined more and tell us about the dakota west high school graduate who has a neurological disorder, and never
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>> she has never let her disorder, she is just a freshmen at miami university, she could certainly teach a course on inspiration 101. >> hereditary, auto no autonomic neuropathy type 2. if you have never heard of it, it's because it's quite rare. it's a disorder, megan was born with. >> it means i go through pain, temperature and touch to to everyone else, it's a side effect, i'm also deaf. >> she has been through a lot. >> i have been through surgeries, you know, i've had, speech therapy, i went to speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy every week until i was 10. >> born with moderate hearing loss, megan eventually got cock clear implant. one when was she 7, and first hesping
6:35 am
cock clear awarded her a scholarship for her economic a chiefment. >> that achievement. >> but to give me money after that helped me to pursue my dreams at college. >> now on her own as a college freshman, she has got a lot to adjust to. >> i am 1 hundred percent deaf when i take out. >> she uses an alternative alarm clock. >> i put underneath the mattress. >> waking to a room full of inspirational post, this journalism student too, hopes to inspire others. despite the hand she has been dealt, she has never let her disability dictate her success. it's given her chance to rewrite her life story, megan says she wouldn't. >> i wouldn't have been so passionate about writing, about public speaking, about, and regarding this disability if i
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i can die knowing that i made one person's life better, that is at the end of the day, that is enough for me. >> reporter: and of course, megan is very successful. she is now writing for the school paper. she is the founding member of a disability council on campus and she is -- >> that is really cool. >> really cool. >> i suspect we have not heard the last of this young woman. >> absolutely. she is going to go far. >> if you would like to learn more about megan's story, we have a link to it at get out, and celebrate the irish with saint patrick's day on fountain square. >>and 11:00 this morning, there's a full service bar available. if you are taking the kids out, celebrate that irish heritage with song and dance at the public lie library downtown. those festivities kickoff at 11:45 a.m. is this morning.
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indiana kickoff, the taking out stony brook out of new york in the first round. they are making the first appearance in the tournament at school history. you can't coach cal not taking them lightly. the conference tournament. kentucky plays right here on local 12 tonight at approximately 9:40 p.m. first the indiana hoosiers tip off at 11:10 that is here on local 12, the indiana facers shat newing a chattanooga in the opening game. they have a tough round. >> we heard that john is already losing. and that could be a second round game, you know. we will see if indiana ends up playing ken he kentucky. >> i got that in my bracket. >> 46 degrees, easter spending it's not all on eggs or candy. why americans are shelling out the most money ever for the holiday. we will probably have a longer season than normal.
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bothering you already, anand hohow good morning, a chilly start as you head out the door. 46 degrees, 6:40, going into the mid-50s at noon, low 60s by late day. skies will be mostly sunny as temperatures are above-normal for this time of of of the year.
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to gust at 20 miles per hour during the course of the afternoon. colder weather coming for the weekend. how cold it get, plus a look at when you might see a few flakes of snow on the spring weekend. cincinnati love it. coming your way, more on that in a few minutes, jen. we do have several problems, one of which is i-75 at the northbound direction. starteds a broke undown, and now as an accident between paddock, as we look at the camera, approaching paddock, and heading toward the ronald reagan county area, slow traffic, one lane is blocked. folks in the indiana area, u.s. 50, eastbound, we have got a three vehicle accident reported there, and then on ward's corner just before 275, we have an accident reported as well, other than that, interstates are starting to pick up in volume in month of the the typical spots, over to you. some trees are already starting to bloom, and flowers, too, and the allergy specialists say this year it will be worse than usual. enjoy.
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say they have pollen counts weeks before normal. and early for sufferers, and doctors say try the over the counter stuff first before coming in for a visit. the nasal washes are really good. >> yeah. >> there's others leading to that, but warmer than normal weather here has helped the trees get a head start. we have seen pollen levels way higher than normal. as of jest, the poll -- as of yesterday, the pollen level was in the moderate category and the mold, too was and we will get a new count after 8:00 this morning. it's starting to become allergy season. during my main weather segment, we can get. >> each and every morning. >> cold does help. >> rain helps to get rid of it somewhat as well, but as we get into next week, temperatures go right back up to the pollen. >> i can imagine. >> this time the temperatures up and down.
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have a cold or allergy. >> exactly. >> all right. john, thank you. dancing an irish jig. >> the throw back to my irish dancing days. >> also, coming out bracket we're talking about tips, the bracket butts -- mine is already, not even first round
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>> t it's 6:45, and developing this morning, a tex police officer is face -- a texas police officer is facing newer der -- murder charges for pursuing a teen. he chased him down in his personal car, and eventually shot both teenagers at a nearby gas station. all of those event go against police procedure. we have policies to deal with off-duty enforcement that we all follow. >> the only explanation i can think of is my client is a black police officer. >> johnson faces assault charges in the car. now he was wounded but is expected to survive. >> hang today, michigan governor rick snyder will be on capital hill -- capitol hill, taking questions about the flint water
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the water supply became tainted with lead when they decided to switch its water source to the flint river to save money. he is asking congress for money to fix the problem. a pet bereavement day are to help employees to process the event, and help them heal. it's still a new idea. >> kemp ton offers its employees other pet perks like insurance. easter may cost you and your family a little bit more this year. a survey shows americans will spend a record amount this year, more than $17 billion for easter. that means about $146 per person. now most of the money depose to food -- goes to food, and expensive easter cloth are on the lisa long list, along with gift and candy. you have a little bit of
6:48 am
here are some tips to guide you u con has the best free throw, and michigan state as the best 3 point shooting team. kentucky has the most efficient offense, and i would say of that, the black back court in the country. and kansas has the most efficient defense. right now 29% of bracket at cbs sports have kansas winning it all. >> that is what i have, snu have kansas. >> i have a bracket, and an angry baby. >> the babies. >> the angry baby filled out my entire bracket. [ laughter ] >> that way when i get none of them write the angry baby. >> john has michigan state winning. >> i thought about that, in my championship game, kansas kansas-michigan state. >> angry baby says michigan state? i like kentucky and michigan. >> i got ncu and michigan.
6:49 am
>> i got michigan state and bill november villanova, i got xavier losing to michigan state. >> right. >> have you done bracket yet. >> i'm not finished yet. i've got until noon. >> we got to get you on this. >> i'm waiting for fantasy football. >> jen, you have to try just for fun. >> but i don't know anything about the teams. i love basketball but i don't follow it. >> it doesn't matter. >> i don't know anything, either, it's fun. >> when you have a bracket that wins you suspect. >> you knew it all. >> all right, time to check the roads this morning. >> reporter: you need to start that hashtag, john, angry baby. >> 75 northbound, a broke not down vehicle causing some delays right near paddock as you approach the ronald reagan cross county highway area, so 75 northbound you're back now at
6:50 am
this camera down, i was looking down near mitchell and stop and go traffic, from clifton to mitchell up to the ronald reagan cross county highway, we are seeing stop and go traffic, a 10-minute-delay for heading northbound in that area, you see the red line showing traffic, and causing a little bit of a backup in the norwood lateral. u.s. 50 at tanner's creek, we have a three vehicle accident slowing traffic through the area, but heavy traffic, and an accident in ports corner near 275 and that is causing slow traffic in that area. looking at the interstates, no problems. 75 northbound past paddock because of an incident there. weather is looking great today. it's going to be breezy in the afternoon, but we're still above-normal on the temperatures, lower 60s later today. about 80 degrees above-normal, jen, and then this weekend, it drops out of things here, we will have a push of cold air coming from canada, the upper
6:51 am
us, we are going to have a chance of showers, 7-10 degrees below the average into the upcoming weekend. if you are making weekend plans, saturday it's going to be wet at times with showers around, temperatures around 46 for a high saturday, not the best looking of days, sunday we're about the same on the temperatures, it doesn't look like as much rain on sunday, perhaps an isolated shower, but early sunday morning with moisture around, you may see a few flakes of snow falling. that weekend, yeah, sunday, first day of spring. it's at 12:30 in the morning. there's the view from the weather atrium camera. 46 when you step out in the morning. north wind at 6:00, and get one jacket on the kids as they go to the bus stops. we will start in the 40s, a few clouds, we will be sunny through the day. we will make our way up to 62. skies mostly sunny, but again like yesterday, those breezes will kick up, gusting over 20 miles per hour at times, we
6:52 am
afternoon. radar all quiet. a few clouds pushing through, but those are off to the east of cincinnati, and the weather remains quiet with high pressure over us. the cooler air that will drop our way come tomorrow. as it gets in here, we will see an increase in cloud tomorrow. by tomorrow night into saturday morning evening a few showers, a possibility as an upper level storm system works in, more importantly, we're going to see the chill settle into the tri-state as we get into the weekend. today, mild but breezy with sunshine. we will get up to 61 at hamilton, 61 hillsborough, and west union around 62 degrees. in northern kentucky, we're talking sun and wind, too. 63 maysville, and it's up around 63, and in the hoosier state today sunshine, breezy is mild. indiana at 60, vevay at 62, versailles, and laurens burg, and 47 at midnight. it will be a cold night, no
6:53 am
you will need the heat tomorrow morning. we are talking upper 30s, and up to 58, partly cloudy tomorrow. there's the shower chance on saturday, and your shower, and even flurry chance on sunday. checkout the lows right around 30 degrees, but sunday and monday morning. it's going to get cold, 15 below freezing but right back up to 47 on monday. boom, we're warming it up, tuesday and wednesday, lows 60s tuesday, we're in the mid-60s by wednesday, there will be a chance for a shower back later in the day on wednesday. it looks like a better chance of rain, perhaps by thursday of next week. so we go down, but we don't stay down for long. you want to grab the weather authority app, it's free on the app store and google play, search for wkrc, interactive radar really handy to track the saturday showers. john and sheila, back to you. all right, thank you, john inside it's 6:53, no irish luck for bob. >> it's throw back thursday, we are remembering bob and his
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to friends in honor of saint patrick's day we decided to do a little irish jig with the
6:57 am
didn't go on so well. guys i'm not kidding something on my calf just popped. >> oh, what happened to the old guy. >> there it was. >> you are a good sport. >> i ruined the dance. >> tried to walk out of the station. but eventually walked out in a wheelchair. >> you were limping around for days. >> i don't have a debit. >> don't show it. >> don't show it on the air. >> you need a green beard now. >> what does it say about us, every time we see that, we laugh. >> you should have had surgery. >> we you will
6:58 am
>> they will be here to do the dance at 8:00 without me.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, march 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." supreme court nominee merrick garland heads to capitol hill today, but the senate's gop leaders refuse to meet with him. breaking news. seaworld says it's going to end its controversial killer whale shows. the company's ceo is in studio 57. and major league baseball player gives up 13 million


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